Dr Stephen J Adams-Langley

SAL Therapy

Psychotherapy and Counselling in Marylebone, Central London, W1G


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How I work


Counselling and psychotherapy are both “talking therapies” which attempt to help us make sense of our lives and survive the crisis, difficulty or turning point.  My approach is integrative which means I have been trained in, and can employ several theoretical approaches.  I draw from cognitive behavioral therapy, humanistic/person centered, psychodynamic, brief solution focused therapy and existential approaches to adapt the theory to each individual client. My philosophy is that each person is unique and therefore no one approach suits all. I might use cognitive behavioral therapy for clients with phobias or panic attacks, whereas the person who is depressed or anxious will need a more supportive and philosophical approach.  My aim is to clarify those aspects of the client's life that cause distress, confusion or anger and that can lead to an individual to feel stuck, blocked, unfulfilled and desperate.  It is through exploration and clarification that we are able to explore our options and choices, and understand and come to terms with our issues.


The sessions are 50 minutes in length, although occasionally if requested I will see clients for longer sessions.  My counselling is absolutely confidential and and my approach is non-judgmental and supportive regardless of clients race, religion, sexual orientation, nationality or presenting behavior.  I have extensive experience with clients who are presenting with self harming behavior such as drug or alcohol misuse, compulsive sexual behavior, self harm, suicidal ideation and eating disorders.


People come to counselling and psychotherapy for all sorts of reasons. A significant life event such as a bereavement, relationship breakdown, redundancy or panic attack can feel overwhelming.  There can also be a sense of unhappiness, malaise or a feeling that life could be better or different.  Clients can often present with a single issue or symptom, or a range of issues.  I offer a safe, comfortable and confidential space to reflect, process and resolve these issues and difficulties.